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What are Soft Pads?

It is the answer to dead space


Soft Pads are high quality pad sounds  that run on an endless loop.
By choosing any Soft Pad or any combination of Soft Pads, you can eliminate any dead spaces during your solo or band set.
At the end of a church message, it can set the tone for an altar call and can provide that needed transition into a song.

Soft Pads are perfect for that live band performance.


Soft Pads are designed to enhance the worship experience.

As a solo artist...


Soft Pads fills the room with ambient tones that make song transitions easy.


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Sample Sounds

Here is the app in action. A sampling of some of the sounds.

Samples of layering pads

You can layer multiple pads to create your custom sound.

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Supported on iPhone and iPad Devices

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Supported on Android and Google phones or pads

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